Fetal Movement – When Will You Feel Baby Kick?


One of the most exciting moments in your pregnancy is the point at which you feel those first little movements of your baby. These assure you that your baby is creating an amazing communication with you. The fetal movement during pregnancy causes many questions in the mother, like “my baby kicking enough? kicking too much?” etc… 

When Will You Feel Fetal Movement? 

Baby Kick

You may start to feel your infant moving around 18 weeks into your pregnancy. And if this is your first pregnancy, it probably won’t occur until around 20 weeks. 

However, in the second pregnancy, you may see the signs as right on time as about four months. Every pregnant woman is indeed waiting for their baby movement because it can give special energy for them. 

What is Fetal Movement 

Fetal Movement is a kind of developments, each baby is extraordinary, with some more dynamic than others. In each movement, your baby will communicate with you and even they will listen to your actions too. Based on this the sensations that you feel might be changeable (like ‘butterflies in your stomach’), swishing, tumbling or rolling sensation or a modest kick. As your pregnancy progresses, your skin will be extended more tightly over your belly and that time you will feel baby kick effectively. 

Why Baby Moving?

Science Behind Fetal Movement

Pregnant women can feel their baby kick before the 5th month of her pregnancy journey. From the half of the 4th-month fetal development the baby will start to stretch, flex and wiggle, these are the stages of neurological system development. Also, some scientific studies were proved that kicking and stretching will help to stimulate molecular interaction. And this molecular interaction will help to strengthen the bones and joints. 

When Can Your Partner Feel the Fetal Movement? 

Sharing emotions is the happiest thing in life. Pregnant women, want her husband also feel the same as what she gets. You’re carrying the child, so normally you’re able to see development sooner than others. But, in most cases, your partner will also able to detect the movement from the 6th or 7th month of your pregnancy. 

Your partner, friends, relatives can detect the baby movements when they place their hand on your belly. Happily, your partner not only feels the kicks but also can see the kicks.