Baby Predictor Test: Are You Be With A Baby Boy Or Girl?


From the time you confirmed with your pregnancy, you will be in a hurry to find out whether it is a baby boy or girl? We’ve all heard about the early pregnancy signs can help to predict the baby’s sex. But do you know how sex is determined? And the signs are showing the true or false result? Here, Momescafe going to explaining some effective method for baby predictor test. And find out whether you are with a baby boy or baby girl.

How can You Predict Whether You Are Having A Baby Boy Or A Girl?

Your best friend promise you that your bump is so pointy so you are having a girl, while your mum is telling you looks so tired so expecting a baby boy- but is there is any truth behind this?

A gynecologist says the sonographer can find out the sex of your baby within the 18 – 21 weeks of pregnancy. But for some countries, the pre-birth sex determination through scanning is considered as offensive.  But there are some effective old wives’ tales which can help you out whether you are with your baby boy or girl.

1. Craving For Sweet Or Salt

Some are saying the flavor of which you are craving during pregnancy will tell you whether you are being with a baby boy or a girl. If you have the interest to have sweets more then this is saying you are carrying a girl. If you like to have extra salty crips then it means you are carrying your baby boy, apparently.

2. Baby Predictor Test With Heartbeats

Next time when you are checking your baby heartbeat then make a note of the figures. In some old wives tales, if the baby heartbeats around 140/minute then it is definitely a boy. If it is faster, shows its a baby girl.

But practically it doesn’t work, the scientific studies have shown that there isn’t a significant variation between the heartbeats of male or female fetuses.

3. Predict With Wedding Ring

It’s an interesting test, you can take your wedding ring, and hold it over your bump on a thread. Then, move on the thread if you have a baby girl it will move in a circle. If it is a baby boy then it will move back and forth.

4.With Chinese Birth Calendar

This is the method for detecting your baby sex with Chinese Birth Calendar. You can check the Chinese lunar age at conception and the lunar month that you conceived your baby. You can Google about the Chinese Birth Calendar and do the test.

5. Higher Or Lower Bump

This is an age-old tale that the baby gender prediction with how your bump looks like. The tale goes that if your bump is lower down then you are having a baby boy and if its high you’re having a girl.

Whether it’s a baby boy or girl, you need a healthy baby. So, concentrate on your diet and do a proper check-up with your doctor. Normally parents will show a curiosity to know their baby gender to find out a unique name for the newborn. Give first priority for your baby health and development, whether its a baby girl or boy, its a gift from god to you.