10 Things That You Should Avoid When Trying To Conceive!


Are you thinking about to start your journey toward becoming a mom? If you are mentally ready to welcome a little one into your life then, first you have to think about your health. In this article, explaining the most 10 things that you should avoid when trying to conceive.

Striving to conceive is one of the big waiting game and the journey will starts when the pregnancy test turns positive. Getting conceive is the biggest desire of any woman and they see it as a blessing.  There are some ways to boost your chances of getting pregnant. Sure, these habits will help you to move with a safe Pregnancy period.

1. Avoid To Gain Or Lose Lots Of Weight

This is the first thing you have to care while planning to get pregnant. Weighing too much or too little will reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Or this will leads to an irregular menstrual cycle in your life.  If you don’t have a menstrual cycle every month, the ovulation process will not take in every month. This will affect the possibilities of you to get conceive.

Sometimes the weight changes will cause serious hormone changes in your body that may cause infertility problems. If you are not aware of your body weight some serious issues will happen in your life while planning for pregnancy.  That is;

  • This may lead to Miscarriage
  • Diabetic problems will appear during the pregnancy period.
  • Sudden variations in your Blood Pleasure rate during pregnancy.
  • It may cause any birth defects or overweight problems fo your baby.

Forethought these problems health experts suggests the mother should aim for a BMI (Body Mass Index) in between 18.5 and 27.

You aim to have a good weight before and during pregnancy. So Gynecology specialists recommend moms-to-be aim for a body mass index (BMI) between 18.5 and 27.

2. Avoid Smoking Habit

If you are planning for a baby then avoid cigarettes and other drugs which is harmful to your body and baby development. According to the American medical studies, the smoking habits of women’s will makes the eggs with more genetic abnormalities. Also, the smoking habits in a pregnant lady will increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. Even sometimes the Invitro fertilization treatments will never work for them.

Moreover, Men also should avoid his smoking habit while planning for a baby. Because some research is showing the men who smoke much have lower sperm count and the motility speed will be reduced. So, you should care about your smoking habit while planning for a baby.

3. More Care About Your Dental Hygiene.

Don’t neglect to check your teeth condition while planning to get conceive. Both the partners are should be with pearly whites and super healthy teeth before getting pregnant. Never underestimate this, because your poor oral hygiene can affect the sperm count. If you have gum disease (Condition with infected teeth tissues) it could raise the risk of having premature delivery and a baby with low-birth-weight.

4. Don’t Take Too Much Caffeine

According to some medical studies, drinking up to 200Milligrams of caffeine a day will not affect your fertility or pregnancy condition. But, consuming more than this will may affect your pregnancy. Also, you have to check how much caffeine is added with your drink. Try to avoid it while planning for pregnancy if you can’t then control its use.

The caffeine can vary the rate of pregnant women and fetus blood pressure range and heart rate. Over intake of caffeine will lead to dehydration so, better to avoid this now.

5. Don’t Be Lazy

Being lazy will damage your health and fitness. You should keep a regular schedule to care for your body fitness and health. This is not only for your pregnancy but also for your future. Because being too lazy will leads to some health issues like diseases, depression, stress, etc. And these and these situations can affect your chances of getting pregnant. So, do some healthy activities daily or go for some fitness courses to balance your body health. Do at least 150minutes of aerobic activities in a week and keep a habit of jogging.

6. Drink More Water To Control Dehydration

If you wish to conceive then you should keep a habit to intake more water in a day. It will help your body from dehydration and it can reduce the chances of some infections in your body.

7. Avoid Alcohol

Drinking excess alcohol will lead to infertility or miscarriage issues. Alcohol consumption will change the hormone productions in your body. This will create an abnormal progesterone and estrogen level in your body and this leads you a risky pregnancy or harder to conceive.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy widely frowns, since it put your baby for a fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

8. Don’t Skip Veggies In Your Diet

Vegetables perform a very good role in your life to keep yourself healthy. The junk foods and others will give negative results in your life like gaining overweight.  Vegetables contain vitamins which will help you to continue your body with a balanced hormonal rate. Use more veggie leaves in your diet that increases the chances of getting conceived.

9. Avoid eating the food from low quality plastic containers

Some latest medical studies say a chemical named BPA (Bisphenol A) is found in some plastic items like water bottle, food containers, etc. And this BPA will affect the men and women body seriously. So, limit to use BPA plastics and checks the plastic containers recycling numbers on its bottom (It should be 3 or 7)

10. Avoid High Mercury Fish

If you love non-veg foods first confirm the quality of the food. Gynecology specialists suggest pregnant women and who are planning for pregnancy should avoid some fish from their diet. They should avoid the fish which contains mercury – notably, shark, swordfish, marlin, tilefish, king mackerel, orange roughy, and bigeye tuna. Because the mercury content is very harmful to a fetus’ s brain and nervous system development. Better to avoid such kinds of seafood from your diet.

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