Pregnancy Diet And Nutrition: What to Eat, What Not to Eat (Infographic)


While pregnancy is the most wonderful time in a woman’s life, it comes with its own set of complications, which can be nerve-racking, especially for new mothers. From morning sickness and mood swings to lack of sleep and ensuring the right intake of vitamins, there is a lot that you need to deal with and take care of to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Most importantly, the food you eat is of the topmost consideration, as what you eat helps support the growth and development of your unborn child. In this article going to tell the best pregnancy diet and nutrition suggestions.

Pregnancy diet and nutrition

When it comes to what to eat during pregnancy; veggies, dried fruits & nuts, dairy products, fresh fruits, and lean meat tops the list. Whereas, undercooked, raw, and processed meat, veggies, and sprouts along with excessive caffeine, alcohol, smoking, and junk foods should be avoided at all costs. Staying hydrated during pregnancy is important as it can help alleviate fatigue, constipation, and headaches. Avoiding contact sports such as football, hockey and other strenuous activities is recommended during pregnancy.

Planning a wholesome pregnancy diet can help you to avoid complications like Gestational Diabetes. Which is having a high blood sugar level during pregnancy. The food you consume not only offers your baby essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, but it also ensures that you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Moreover, a well-balanced diet will help you maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy thereby reducing the risk of other health complications.

The below infographic provides a complete list of foods that pregnant women should eat and avoid. It will guide you to chart a healthy pregnancy diet. However, here, your doctor’s discretion is advised to ensure you are getting the right nutrients that are beneficial for both – you and your baby.

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Healthy Pregnancy Diet And Nutrition Chart