How To Choose A School For Your Child – A Parental Guide!


Giving a bright future for children is the primary concern for every parent while choosing a school for their child. Offers a quality education to children is the top priority. So have to be selective while choosing a better place for them. Here you can see complete parental guidance for ‘how to choose a school for your child?’

How to choose the best school? Now, this is one of the biggest questions for parents. The main reason is the rapidly growing number of pre-schools, primary schools, and secondary schools in the surroundings. These all are making confusion to choose the best one.

There are many factors that you need to be considered to choose a school for your child.

Factors Behind Finding The Right School.

Here you can see some simple steps to find the right school for your child.

Step-1: Check the Proximity.

This is very important while choosing a school for your child. It is always advisable to find out the best school closest to your place. Because this will help your baby to avoid the tiredness from travel difficulties.

As a faithful parent, you have to consider your child’s comfort. Also, selecting a school nearby will ensure child safety.

Step-2: Consider The Fees Variations.

Some parents tend to enroll their kids only in the most expensive international schools – considering they are the best. Some are believing only high-expensive schools can offer the hi-tech facilities.

It’s a common misconception in India and these all not be true always. There are many reputed schools in India which are charging fewer fees and give quality education to students.

Instead, you focus on whether your children are receiving a quality education, security, extracurricular activities, facilities, and assurance of better development.

Step – 3 – Importance of Academic & Extra-Curricular Activities.

How do you feel about your child’s development? Do you think that children should always focus only on learning?

Experiences make them perfect so let them experience for their life from schools. Both Academic & Extra-curricular activities can influence their life to catch their dreams.

So here in this step, ensuring the school meets the good standard or excellence in terms of teaching methodology, moral standards, teachers, and academic curriculum.

While visiting the schools check the availability of spaces for outdoor games, team sports, physical education, hobby ideas, dance & drama classes, art & craft activities, etc. All of these play an extensive role in shaping a child’s character or personality.

The existence of good facilities and trained staff will help the child to develop intellectual skills.

Step- 4 – Check The Teachers-to-Student Ratio.

Do you believe a teacher can manage 60+ students at a time? Or you have two options.

1. One is an international school with 60 students in a class and one teacher managing the whole class.

2. Second is an international school with a maximum of 20 students in a class managing by one teacher.

Which one you will choose? Obviously, 95% of parents would prefer the second option. That only will help the teachers for giving individual attention to the students. Through that only they can understand the students learning capabilities and their interests.
Some research has proved that the students learn more in smaller classes. And from the smaller class itself, the tutor can notice or examine the kid’s skills.

In some countries and states, they have a rule like one teacher for every 30-35 students per class. For pre-school level should be a teacher and two assistants for a class of 10-15 preschoolers. So better to choose a school for your child after checking these things.

Step-5 – Check Hygiene of the School & Surroundings.

As a good parent definitely you will consider this while choosing the best school for kids. A clean and hygienic environment provides positive vibes. It is not only good for health but also very essential for mental development.

The school for children will be best in a hygienic atmosphere. Just think your kids will be interested in outdoor games, so the places should keep clean and tidy right?

You have to check this with the school authority while checking for a school for children.
Also, check what will be their procedure if any medical emergency happened. This also a very important thing you have to check while choosing a better school for a child.

Step – 6 – Have to Check The Curriculum.

Here the main point for how to choose a school for your child. Most of the schools have their own features in the curriculum. Some of the International schools in India followed popular boards of education;

  • CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education.
  • SSC – Secondary School Certificate.
  • ICSE – Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.
  • IB – International Baccalaureate Programme.
  • CIE – Cambridge International Examinations.

The above-mentioned details are collected from the top international schools in India.
Each board has a different system of teaching and subjects. Before selecting a board you need to check thoroughly. For this, you can seek the help of a trained educational counselor to understand your kid’s interests and capabilities.

Always select a school which encourages modernity and which gives more technology advanced possibilities for the kids.

Step- 7 – Check The Discipline.

Not only for students everyone interested in a stress-free atmosphere, right? Choose a school that follows a good discipline. This is very important to ensure your child takes good habits from the atmosphere.

Many studies showed that the stressful atmosphere in the school can lead to a decline in the learning capabilities of children. So, most of the international schools in India follow better discipline methods to encourage kids. As a parent, your responsibility is to make sure that the school is a healthy, stress-free environment for your child or not.


Quality education is an important criterion. Choose the best school which is suitable for your child. As a parent, this will be a great decision you are doing for your child’s future.

Hope you have got some points on how to choose a school for your child. If you have to share any points please mention in the comment box. Please do share with your friends who all are looking for a new school for their child.