Most Popular Greek Last Names And Meanings!


The Greek last names have come from a country of extensive history and a culture so rich. It is very interesting to know how the Greek ancestry can be identified with the surname of an individual. The Greek surnames are started appearing only from the 15th century. Most importantly they have different etymology.

Most of the surnames are formed by family names, paternal or maternal names. Moreover, several of these Greek surnames are originated from the father’s first name or the family name. 

In addition, the Greek last names also feature different suffixes. One can identify the baby’s life history and family history through the suffix alone. For example, ‘-akis’ related to a person from Crete. The’-ellis’ means the person from Dodecanese islands. However, the surname ‘-iadis’ belongs to the person from Messinia or Lakonia. 

List Of Common Greek Last Names or Surnames!

1. Agathangelos 

Firstly, it is a patronymic name given to the person who likely has a historical figure. 

2. Aeto’s 

The surname means ‘eagle’ in Greek. 

3. Adamos

Means The Son of Adam.

4. Andino 

Meaning: Manly.

5. Angelos

Meaning: Angel.

6. Andrianakis

This Greek last name is commonly used for the Australian Communities. 

7. Ariti

Meaning: Generous or Friendly.

8. Athanasiou

Meaning: Immortal, its from the Cypriot genitive. 

9. Bakirtzis

Meaning: Coppersmith, the name is derived from a Turkish word.

10. Chloros

Meaning: Green Color. 

11. Calimeris 

Meaning: Good Morning, it originated from the word, ‘Kalimera’. 

12. Christoforou

Meaning: Bearing Christ.

13. Christodoulopoulos

Meaning: Descendant of Christ’s servant. 

14. Drakos 

Meaning: Dragon.

15. Diakos

Meaning: Deacon(Member of the clergy) 

16. Danielopoulos

Meaning: Son of Daniel

17. Dougenis 

Meaning: Being Born.

18. Economos

Meaning: Steward

19. Florakis

Meaning: Blossom.

20. Filo 

Meaning: Friend of Horse. 

21. Frangopoulos

Meaning: Descendant of Frank.

22. Gataki

Meaning: Kitten.

23. Glanis

Meaning: The person with pale blue eyes. 

24. Georgiou

Meaning: Kin of Georgios or Wife. 

25. Ganas

Meaning: Those who work as a coppersmith. 

26. Papadopoulos 

Meaning: Son of a Priest.


Meaning: Immortal. 


Meaning: Descendant of a Serb.


Meaning: As strong as Iron, moreover it shows the power.


Meaning: The rose Flower. 


Meaning: It doesn’t have a different meaning, but the surname is commonly used for ‘Russian Descendants.’ 


Meaning: Lover, 


Meaning: Thick 


Meaning: All Holy. 


Meaning: Fortune or wealth.


Meaning: Lion


Meaning: Sausages 


Meaning: Son of Levi.


Meaning: Stonewall or Made of Stone.


Meaning: In this surname it gives the meaning that ‘Son of Mark‘.


Meaning: Handle or Sleeve. 


Meaning: Peacock 


Meaning: The Greek word of Basil. 


Meaning: God


Meaning: Descendant of a Bulgarian.


Meaning: To Live.


Meaning: Swordfish.


Meaning: Son of Zafeiris.


Meaning: Son of Yianni.


Meaning: Stairway, or Ladder. 

These are commonly used Greek surname or last names. Moreover each surname has a different origin and unique meaning. In conclusion, if you like these names you can put these names as your baby’s nickname