Popular Badass Baby Names For Boys And Girls.


 Choosing a better name for baby is a tough task for every parent. Some parents have also named their babies after countries, colors, flowers, political figures, and actors. And many are loved with classic names, with changing times they sound boring. So, now moving with the new trend. Our new-gen babies demand unique names with their cool personality. Here are some popular badass baby names for girls and boys listing below. 

A badass name will help your little one to grow up strong and positive minded. We all know the name is the first impression of a person. With the name, people try to imagine the characters. So by giving a strong name creates the best impression of a robust personality. Giving a badass name to your little one doesn’t mean that he/she will grow into an evil kid. Choose the best badass name for your cute baby. 

Top Baddas Baby Names

1.Alpha: This is one of the badass male names. Meaning is ‘firstborn’- which implies the leader of a gang. 

2.Angelina: It is for your little princess, meaning ‘angel’. 

3.Lilith: The name means ‘storm goddess’, ‘night monster’, or ‘ghost’ depending on the version. This name is not popular within religious communities. But has blown through the pop culture as the name means full of strength and independence. 

4.Baldwyn: It is one of the unique badass names for a boy. The name means the ‘brave’ friend. 

5.Blaze: It is one of the most used badass boy names. The name means ‘stutters’- which means fiery personality. 

6. Blair: One of the unique badass girl names. The name means ‘gossip girls’. 

7.Carlos: The name means ‘Strong.’ Mostly used it as a badass boy’s name. 

8. Lola: The badass girl name Lola brings to mind a dirty temptress who does not like to follow the rules. 

9.Faust: The badass name origin is Italian and the meaning is ‘Lucky’.

10. Griffin: The name means ‘strong in faith’ and its origin is Welsh. 

11.Aella: Its a most demanded badass girl name. Aella was the fierce Amazon warrior and famous for using a double-edged sword (Greek mythology).

12. Lennox: The name means ‘abounding in elm trees.’ 

13. Aiden: One of the unique badass names for girls. The meaning is ‘little and fiery.’ 

14. Maddox: The name means ‘Beneficent.’

15. Neron: It is one of the best badass names for boys and the meaning is ‘Strong.’ The name origin is from Spanish. 

16. Roxy: The meaning of the name is ‘dawn and bright’, has a strong and positive vibe to it. A name is a short form of ‘Roxanna.’

17.Phoenix: A ‘mystical bird’ that means rising from the dust. The name is commonly used as the badass name for boys. 

18.Ryder: It is a British origin name. The name means ‘Messenger’, ‘Knight’, or ‘cavalryman.’ 

19.Xena: This is one of the bold badass girl names. The name associated with the warrior. 

20.Striker: The name gives an aggressive image. 

21.Thor: The ‘God of Thunder’ and it implies a strong personality. 

22. Rebel: It is one of the badass nicknames for girls. The name means ‘someone who stands against the masses’.

23. Buck: It is a popular badass nickname for boys. The meaning of this name is ‘Male deer’.

24. Beretta: The name has now entered as the demanded badass name for girls. 

25. Buster: It is an old-fashioned aggressive badass nickname for baby boy. 

Are you like these badass baby names? Which did you select for your child? tell us by commenting below.