10 Effective Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Post Pregnancy


Do you feel very heavy after delivery? Facing trouble with the belly fat? Don’t worry, proper exercise and healthy foods can help you to reduce belly fat. However, you need to do the right exercises to reduce belly fat post pregnancy. Moreover, before you start your activities, seek your doctor’s suggestion to know when it is the right time to begin the workout, how much to do, and when to stop. 

Exercises to educe Belly fat post pregnancy
exercises to reduce belly fat

Through this post, sharing some simple and effective exercises to reduce the tummy fat after pregnancy, you can also share your experiences and suggestions in the comment section. 

Reasons Why Still You Look Pregnant? 

After your baby is born, the hormonal changes will happen in your body. This is for the uterus to slowly shrink back to its previous shape (pre-pregnancy stage). Medical reports say it takes 7-8 weeks to take for the uterus reposition. This time your tummy will look the same as your pregnancy time. 

The extra foods and other ayurvedic medication that you have consumed during your pregnancy will be stored in the form of fat. That also will increase your tummy fat post-pregnancy time. 

At the time of pregnancy, as your baby grows your belly slowly stretches. Now, after the pregnancy, the belly will release its excess size slowly. That is also a reason why you still look pregnant. 

How Long Does It Take to Shrink Back to Normal?

Usually, it will take a minimum of six to 12 months to reduce the weight that you gained during your pregnancy. Sometime the speed will fluctuate, it takes the tummy to shrink might depend on: 

  • Your maternal age
  • Your baby’s weight
  • The weight you may have obtained during pregnancy
  • The diet plan and the exercise methods you follow. 

Remember one thing that it is not just a tummy, but also the uterus that extends during your pregnancy period. So you have to give the time for your body to shrink it back to normal. 

When You Can Start Your Tummy Exercises? 

Usually, doctors and physical therapists recommend a minimum of six weeks rest after delivery. In-case you have gone through a c-section needed 8 weeks rest. 

But, before selecting any exercise schedules you have to do a check-up with your doctor otherwise serious health issues may happen. 

Benefits of exercise to reduce belly fat post-pregnancy;

In general, the exercise benefits your body and health. The post-pregnancy can help you to,

  • Strengthen abs
  • Lover the chance of leg cramps, back pain issues, swelling of the foot, and ankle. 
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieves stress 
  • Aids in losing extra weight especially tummy fat 
  • Helps to prevent postpartum depression

General Guidelines For Exercises to Reduce Your Belly Fat.

  • Before you commit yourself to consider for a weight-loss exercise follow the below guidelines. 
  • Concentrate your mind on weight loss and active for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. 
  • Do not exercise if you experience pain before or while doing the workout
  • If you are continuing to breastfeed your baby do it before you start the exercise to avoid the discomfort. 
  • Start with simple workouts and slowly add moderate-intensity exercises. 
  • Keep a bottle of water nearby so that you can take sips in between the workouts.

10 Effective Exercises to Reduce Your Belly Fat

Depending upon your health condition you can change the time expansion and work out sheet for you. Better to consult with your doctor before starting the exercise. Here adding some effective exercises that will help you to shrink the tummy fat. Also, note that the results are based on your dedication. 

1.Brisk Walking

You can plan this as your beginning. You may walk for around 20 to 30 minutes a day and increase the speed gradually after about two weeks. 

2.Twister Exercise

This exercise will increase the energy and freshness of your body. Simply stretch and twist your body by standing straight sit down properly.Repeat this on both sides and do it for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. 

3.Planks workout

Place your elbows shoulder-width apart on the floor and stay in a push-up position. You can be in this position as long as you can. 

4.Leg Raise 

This exercise can help you in strengthening the leg and stomach muscles. 

To do the workout, lie on your back and try raising both legs at a time. Stay in the same position for about three to four seconds. Then slowly release the legs and do it around 20 sets twice a day. 

5.Floor Sit-ups 

This one of the best ways to cut down the weight on the lower tummy. 

To do this workout lie on your back and put your hands behind the neck. Then, slowly lift your head upwards and place your hands crossed over one another on the side of the tummy and do the sit-ups. Do this workout as much as you can. 

6.Bridging Exercise

One of the best methods to tone your stomach, thigh muscles, and the bottom. 

To do this workout lies on the floor with your knees bend and feet flat on the floor. Once you set up this place your arms and your sides with the palms facing downwards. After that lift, your body bottoms off the ground until your knees, shoulders, and hips are in a straight line.

Hold on this position for about five seconds. Gradually lower your bottom and get back into the initial position. Then let your muscles relax for some time and repeat this workout. 

7.Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks workout is targeting the core muscles it is specifically for the abdominal muscles. 

To do this workout lie down on the floor and place your arms underneath your buttocks. Then move your legs up and down for about 30 seconds do this workout minimum twice in a day.

8.Pilates Position

pilates exercise

This is one of the best exercises to makes your body balanced and flexible. Very important that seek the advice of an expert and do the first classes under their instructions. Take deep breaths and relax while you are doing this workout. It can improve body strength and coordination. 


This will tone your tummy muscles and this is a low-impact and non-weight bearing workout. Moreover, it does not put any strain on the joints and ligaments. 

10.Pass the Ball Exercise

This is a modification of crunching exercise. To do this workout, sit on the floor and raise your legs and place the ball on your hands. And try to pass the ball from left to right and through this work our you are stretching, crunching, and twisting. 

These are the effective exercises to reduce belly fat post-pregnancy, do it regularly for the result. Talk to your doctor to understand the important steps to follow while exercising. If you have any medical issues you need to consider their words for a healthy lifestyle. (1)

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