What Are Your Chances Of Having Twins?


Twins babies have fascinated the world for ages. While seeing their unity in the physical structure people feeling some myths over there.  And some of them are very interested in becoming parents of twins. Are you one of those people? Then, this article will help you out. Here going to tell you what are your chances of having twins.

I have made a survey with my friends and neighbors From there I got to understand people have an insatiable interest when it comes to how to have twins. Do you have any idea about what boosts the chances of having twins? In scientific, the fertility treatments like Gonal-F, Clomid, and Follistim can make you conceive multiples. Also, your physical power height, weight, age, and family history can increase your chances of having multiple babies.

Chances Of Having Twins Without Fertility Treatment

Other than Fertility treatment some natural factors can balance your chances of having twins. The other factors are;


The women over 30 years are more likely to conceive twins. That is because of the rising of FSH (As women get older the rate of FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone will be more). The FSH is the main hormone that using for the development of eggs in the ovaries. But the high production of FSH can affect your fertility.

Family History

If you have a family history of identical twins then that doesn’t make you get conceive multiple in sometimes. But, if you have a family history of fraternal twins (non-identical) then there are more chances to conceive twins babies.

If the female has a history of fraternal twins then there are more chances of ovulating more than one egg per cycle. Or, if the male has the history of fraternal twins then he can produce more sperm to fertilize more than one egg.

Height and Weight

Women who are taller than the average are likely to have twins. And in the case of weight, the women with more weight than BMI (Body Mass Index) then there is a chance of conceiving twins babies.

What Are Your Chances Of Having Twins?

How to improve the chances of conceiving twins

Except for these natural factors, there are some other tips can make you conceive twins. If you want to try, follow these tips;

Follow a Better Diet Plan

In medical science, some evidence is showing that unhealthy eating ways can harm fertility. Medical experts saying who are following low wait with a vegetarian and vegan diet are having lesser chances of having twins. But in other ways, the women who eat protein-rich foods, dairy products are more likely to have twins. This may happen because of the protein change in the women body. So, if you like to have twins then follow a better diet plan in your life.


There are some Fertility medications that you can follow to conceive twins.  This will increase your fertility stimulate sperm production or egg production. If more eggs and sperms are released the chances of conceiving twins are more.

Fertility Treatment

There is a better idea in the medical world that can help you conceive twins. After so many research results they invented pills that will help for a better hormonal chance which can able to produce high-level sperms and eggs.

Having twins may sound beneficial for many couples, especially because they can enjoy their kids growing together and every stage of parenting they will feel like blessings. Always consult with an experienced doctor and follow their suggestions for a healthy pregnancy.