Gender Equality And Women’s Empowerment!


With Equal Rights and Support Women Can Be Agents Of Change. Global Feminism Definition.

Women empowerment, as everyone knows women are the beautiful creation of nature. She is said to be the ultimate strength and sustain the victory of an individual. In our universe, there are lots of discrimination and differentiation in between the name of males and females.

However, this difference is to be in nature from time immemorial. But in the case of rules and rights both are willing to have the same equality in the society called as gender equality. The mission of women’s empowerment is to make women aware and empowered.

No matter how advanced the world is, women and children are still oppressed in many ways around us. The rate of violation against women and children are increasing day by day. Therefore, we must strive for the growth of women empowerment.

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.

A female character draws out various features and that all are entirely different from the male. Those are varying from physical, mental, reproductive, and biological appearances. What is gender equality?

The womanhood is the age of the female’s life after she conceded through her childhood and adolescence, which means the age of 18. They should make many important decisions at this age, which is about education preference, career, marriage, etc… Often, for many reasons, they lose their freedom to make decisions in society. That is why it is necessary to work for the dignity of women’s strength in society. Women empowerment means that the movement aims equal rights for women.

Why Women Empowerment?

The global empowerment of women is a new and advanced concept. Women constitute more than 50% of the population, and they and undertaking most of the work in life but receiving less income than men. Her working time in a day mostly 12-16 hours the rest of the time they are thinking about the next days. 

The woman’s empowerment refers to develop and improve the political, social, legal, and economic strength of women. And it ensures equal- rights and facilities to women in this society. The main advantage of women’s empowerment is it helps women to control and use the benefit of assets, resources, income, and their wishes. 

If women can control and manage her home well then definitely she has the power to do something for society. So, it’s sure that women can be an agent of change in society. Girls will save the world in future.

The day of the women starts early morning and till evening she works for her family and others. She will not spend the time to think about her health and needs, and even she doesn’t recognize her power too.

Empowering women to contribute fully in economic life across all sectors is necessary to assemble stronger economies, and it helps to improve the quality of the women’s life. 

Empowerment of women is necessary for the development of the society since it improves both the quantity and quality of human resources obtainable for the development. In this current society, women are the target of varied types of violence so it very needs to strengthen their life.

The women empowerment mainly into;

  • Women’s right to have and to decide their choices.
  • It gives equal opportunities and all kind of resources for women.
  • Improving women’s sense of self-worth.
  • Improving Women’s ability to give more social and economic.

The great words by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru are “To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she moves, the family moves, the society moves the nation moves.” For every nation to empower women the first thing is to kill all the unwanted rules and regulations about women.

Women suffering lots of issues in the case of illiteracy, dowry system, sexual harassment, domestic violence, inequality, and other issues. By avoiding all these differentiation women will get equal rights and support from society. 

Women empowerment has the amazing power to change the society and the nation. They are much better to make decisions and problem-solving mentality than men. They can create the best planning in life and their power can make the nation perfect. 

Why Women Empowerment Is So Important? 

As we all know that normally women are forced to be responsible for family care and other works. And this is the main reason why women are not coming out of society. The women empowerment can improve the strength and dignity in the society.

A nation will look more beautiful when the women in the nation feel happiness. For creating women happy the society should give more importance to them. Give equal rights to them, which will give great happiness in their life. 

The real meaning of it is to make women well educated and leave them free in this beautiful world. It will make them more capable to make their own decisions and do things that they like. Women are allowed higher education as men. Women also can join politically as they have the right to vote and do some activities in politics.