Self-Care Tips for Moms for Mothers Day


Arguably the most important job there is, moms, play an instrumental role in a child’s life. Due to new stay-at-home orders, many mothers have to take care of their children while also working full-time. They had to put in extra hours as their children’s teachers and caregivers in a work-life balancing act. Check out this article for the self-care tips for moms for mothers day.

However, this often comes at a cost: stress, exhaustion, and ultimately burnout are all symptoms of being a Supermom. Mothers are 28% more likely to experience burnout than fathers. Because of this, moms deprioritize their needs, jeopardizing their mental health. 90% of mothers have reported that the extra workload took a toll on their well-being, while 3 in 5 moms reported high-stress levels due to their increased workload. 

Not only this, but the increase in workload from a caregiving and remote work standpoint can result in a term we call “mom guilt.” “Mom guilt” is known to exacerbate the lack of self-care among mothers. 

Although over 50% of mothers have seen their remote workload increase because of COVID-19, nearly all of them multitask for about 8 hours per day. The pandemic has transformed moms into Superheroes in work-life balance, but this ultimately leads them to de-prioritize their own needs.

This makes Mothers Day all the more special since the last year has increased the toll on all types of moms, whether they be single moms, working mothers, state-at-home moms, and expecting new mothers. Prioritizing self-care can benefit a mother’s general well-being prevent them from experiencing mommy burnout. For this Mothers Day, we’ve compiled 10 ideas for self-care to fulfill their needs as a parent. 

Ideas for Moms-To-Be

New moms have the unique responsibility of bringing their newest family member into the world, but it takes nine months in the making. Self-care for moms who are expecting is extremely important for healthy moms and babies. 

1. Make Sure Your Body is Gaining What it Wants

Consuming a healthy, nutrient-rich diet is the key to a healthy body and mind. Prioritize protein, fiber, and vitamins when selecting what you should consume. Some nutrient-rich foods worth trying include but aren’t limited to dark greens, whole grains, sweet potatoes, and salmon. For a special Mother’s Day, order delicious and nutritious food from a local restaurant or eatery.

2. Move Your Body

Although we don’t recommend intense exercise, light movement can help release endorphins and ultimately improve your mood. Yoga or light cardio will make you feel more in tune with your body, but make sure to check with your prenatal doctor about what activity is right for you. Get moving on Mothers Day with a prenatal exercise class, or a scenic walk.

3. Use the Power of ‘No’

One of the greatest words in the English language is ‘no,’ especially when you’re an expecting mother dealing with burnout. A small comment or unwanted gesture can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, so using the word ‘no’ can help elevate your self-confidence and remove unnecessary emotional labor. Practice saying the word “no,” this Mother’s Day.

4. Take Care of Your Skin 

Skincare has become extremely popular during the pandemic, and pregnant mothers should protect their skin from toxins, free radicals, and UV rays that can damage the skin over time. Crafting a clean skincare routine free of chemicals, phthalates and parabens is a sustainable way to pamper oneself with safe products. On Mother’s Day, celebrate with new skincare products. 

Ideas for Moms With Newborns

New moms often must provide around-the-clock care for their little ones, so they need time for self-care more than anything else. Whether you prefer to do your self-care alone or beside your baby. New moms need extra me-time to help their hormones stabilize, improve their sleep and bodily functions. 

1. Indulge in ‘Me-Time’

Indulging in “me time” is essential to maintaining your well-being, so making sure that the kids are taken care of for 30 minutes or so is the perfect way to mentally unplug. You might feel the “Mom Guilt” at first, but know that this will ultimately benefit everyone in your home. 

2. Meditation is the Key to Mindfulness 

Meditation has increased in popularity in the past year or so given the rise in mental health awareness. Research shows that meditation has many benefits, including an increase in mindfulness, better sleep quality, and a decrease in anxiety and depression. Download an app on your phone like Calm or Headspace to take advantage of their guided meditations. 

3. Reach Out to Other Moms

Relating to other moms who have been where you are or are where you are will make you feel less alone and give you a different perspective. Discussing the different aspects of motherhood or even asking for health can aid your well-being in the long run. Gather up your closest friends this Mothers Day for some much-needed mom time. 

Ideas for All Moms For Mothers Day.

Whether you’re a resilient single mother or a successful working mom, all moms need self-care in order to really preserve and protect their energy. Try a few of our suggestions below or brainstorm your own activities of self-care.

1. Rekindle a Hobby

Monetizing your hobbies is every side-hustle enthusiast’s mantra, but it’s absolutely okay to do something you enjoy doing just for the sake of doing it. In fact, we encourage it! Finding time for play and indulging your inner child will help you escape the chaos of adult life while also helping us connect with our own children. 

2. Talk to a Therapist

There are so many platforms from which you can get access to remote therapy, so this is ideal for working moms! Skip the commute and give yourself the time and care to invest in yourself through therapy. The pandemic and motherhood are difficult responsibilities, so it’s only natural to ask for help in difficult times. Better Health and Talkspace provide great, remote therapy options for everyone. 

3. Stay Away from Your Phone Before Bedtime

Although it’s incredibly tempting to scroll mindlessly through social media or answer emails in bed, going on your phone before bed can actually negatively impact your sleep quality and make you feel worse the next day. Instead, opt for a relaxation meditation for better sleep or curl up with a book before you turn in for the night. 

Being a mother is a full-time job, so make sure you take time off! With so much going on for moms right now, self-care is not a way to embrace a mindset geared at toxic positivity or let go of your worries forever, but an opportunity to take a small break from worrying and do something that brings you a little bit of happiness.

Self-care practices are a small way to prioritize yourself and make sure you’re getting the time needed to care for yourself. This way, you’re able to truly be present with your family and stay committed to your wellness. Make sure to make this Mother’s Day about your well-being and we hope these self-care practices provide the small steps to taking better care of yourself.