10 Secret Ways to Make Baby Stop Crying


Newborn crying is often expected, and it is not always hard to soothe them, only if you know some secret tips. In this article we will help you understand your crying baby better and learn how to make baby stop crying. So, the next time if you find yourself at wit’s end, try these tips. The ways to make baby stop crying;

how to make baby stop crying

10 Tips: How To Make Baby Stop Crying?

1. Start singing

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with lullabies. Babies need a soothing tune to relax and a voice they feel familiar too. You can try out different genres and songs, and even Rock has been known to make babies giggle.

Music can calm the nervous system while decreasing a baby’s heart and respiratory rate. So, whether you are singing a lullaby or your favorite song, your baby will find it relaxing because of the familiar voice.

2. Make the room darker temporarily.

Sometimes babies are overstimulated and putting them in a darker room or making the room darker, temporarily, has been useful for some. Before coming out of the womb, babies are used to the quiet and darker environment inside the womb. So, it is likely that light and noise can easily overstimulate them from time to time.

Sometimes putting on some background noise can help too. When babies were inside the womb, there were noises like whooshing and often relaxing. While you cannot bring out the same noise, what you can do is turn on a fan, run the vacuum, or the shower. What matters is that the sound is constant and low level.

3. Put your baby in different arms or scenery.

Sometimes your baby can sense if you are stressed out and starts crying. At this point, you can hand them off to your husband or a caregiver if you have any. But if you are all alone with your baby and no one to help you out, you can change the scenery. Move yourself and your baby to a different environment. If you are in a room, go out to the patio, or outside. Or even the kitchen.

A new location can change the mood for both of you.

4. Work on relaxing yourself

When you cannot stop your baby from crying, it is you who might end up having a hard time relaxing as well. And when you are stressed yourself, you can hardly make any remedies for fussy babies work.

Put down your baby on the crib and find yourself something relaxing to do. If there’s nothing you can focus on, try using some noise-cancelling headphones and some good music. This will give you much-needed strength and patience. After you have gathered enough mental resources, try again.

5. Take a ride or stroll outside.

Babies used to be in motion when they were inside the womb. So, the next time your baby is continuously crying, get them moving. Take a driver, or put them in a swing. Rocking chairs work too. This will often make your baby fall asleep.

One way to make your baby stop crying is to take them on a long stroll. It is effectively-known to calm the babies. Fresh air is suitable for both the baby and the parent.

6. Give your baby a massage

Giving your baby a nice massage will not only make your fussy baby stop crying, but he will also love it. Skin-to-skin contact is useful to soothe the babies. Babies that get massage often seem to cry less and sleep better.

Make sure you use slow and firm strokes over the baby’s legs, arms, back and chest, while massaging. In case you want to use any lotion or oil, consult your baby’s pediatrician.

7. Consider Swaddling

So, how do you make a baby stop crying after you tried most tips? Well, you can always consider swaddling them.

For many of us, swaddling the baby can seem uncomfortable, but to them, it is like being back in the womb. Many have found it to work like a magic solution for a crying baby.

Make sure you snug enough so that they can’t wriggle themselves free. Place them on their back while swaddling.

8. How about playing them their crying recording?

Sounds silly? Well, it won’t be sounding silly anymore after you have tried it out once. Crying babies often seem to be fascinated by the crying baby sound.

The world around them is often fascinating, and introducing something different and unique, like the sound of their crying, can help them get distracted from their crying cycle. Sometimes, this can be the only way to calm a crying baby.

9. Get a comic relief for yourself.

Does your baby cry around the same time every day? Then you can always plan as to how to make your baby stop crying. You can watch something fun or funny on the television. Or listen to some uplifting music. Look for anything that gives you a relief from stress and anxiety. Laughter is the best medicine, after all.

 10. Visit your doctor

Have all tips failed, and you’re still concerned? Probably it’s a sign that you need to visit your baby’s pediatrician. Your baby’s pediatricians can guide you with tips, and work on finding out the causes of your baby’s crying.

Every baby is different, so some will likely cry more than other babies and yet not have any specific reasons for their crying.


In a nutshell, these were some easy ways understand your fussy baby and learn how to calm a crying baby. Babies might not have equally developed emotions and feelings like adults, but they still are emotional beings. They experience feelings of joy and sorrows, and even anger from time to time.

No matter the reason for their crying, what you need to do as a parent is to respond to them. Unresponsive behavior of yourself, while your baby is crying, is likely to impact their growth and development.