How To Pick A Meaningful Baby Shower Gift Giving For Baby & Mommy!


Congratulations! Your close friend or family member is having a baby! You just received a letter in the mail, and you’re cordially invited to the baby shower. But what gift should you bring? Choose the best baby shower gift giving ideas from here.

In my late 20’s when all my friends were starting their new families, I was clueless! At the first baby shower I ever attended, I’ll never forget the disappointed look on the mom of the hour’s face when she opened my gift. Awkward! Maybe a life-like baby doll wasn’t the best baby shower gift idea, after all. 

A baby shower presents the perfect opportunity to show you care and celebrate the new baby’s arrival into this world. Choosing the right gift, however, is not as easy as it sounds. Should I get something for the baby in particular? Or would it be better to shop with the new mom in mind? For this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, what is proper baby shower gift-giving etiquette?

Here’s your definitive baby shower gift-giving guide, where you’ll learn how to give the most memorable and meaningful gift a baby and mommy will both cherish!

Who are baby shower gifts actually for?

When shopping for a baby shower gift, should you be thinking about the baby or thinking about the mommy?

Most people jump to the conclusion that baby shower gifts are exclusively for the baby. It’s called a baby shower, isn’t it? When searching Google for baby shower gifts, ten times more people search for babies than they do for mommies. 

But actually, the best gift is anything that’ll be used and appreciated, anything that will provide enjoyment or make life easier. The gift you pick doesn’t need to be for just one or the other.

If you’re an experienced mom, you’ll have it a little easier. Since you’ve lived it, you know the ropes. The same essential products you remember in your early mothering days are likely lifesavers for any new mom. 

If you don’t have a child of your own, you’re going to have to try to walk a day in a mother’s shoes and think about day-to-day life from a new mom’s perspective. Next, we’ll look at a few great ways to wrap your mind around this concept and pick out a perfect gift, keeping both baby and mommy in mind.

The Baby-to-Mommy Gift Ratio

A mother’s relationship with her child is a connection that lasts forever. A baby shower celebrates both sides of this relationship, welcoming a new baby into this world and marking the transformation of a woman into a mother.

The “Baby-to-Mommy Gift Ratio” is a simple method to pick out a thoughtful baby shower gift that takes both the baby and the mommy into consideration. The idea is, almost all baby shower gifts serve the needs of both baby and mommy. You don’t need to feel bad about getting something for just one of them, because in almost all cases the gift you pick has some benefit for both of them.

Putting the “Baby-to-Mommy Gift Ratio” into practice is as easy as scoring how much your gift idea will benefit each person individually. You can achieve an easy mental model to compare whether a gift is “mostly for baby” or “mostly for mommy”. Let’s look at some examples.

●      Baby Toys: Mostly for Baby (70/30 Baby-to-Mommy Gift Ratio) 

To interact with and learn about the world around them, a baby’s got to have a collection of age-appropriate toys! Bringing smiles and laughter to the baby’s face means you’ve given him or her the gift of joy. Mom’s happy too, knowing that her little one is enjoying a baby-safe toy.

●      Pregnancy Recovery Essentials: Mostly for Mommy (10/90 Baby-to-Mommy Gift Ratio)


With a new baby on the way, post-pregnancy recovery is not something most moms-to-be think about. A pregnancy recovery kit isn’t the most common gift in the world, but it’s something the mommy will truly appreciate after she’s given birth.

Healing and getting into shape after having a baby builds a mom’s confidence, and puts her into an even better mood to take care of her baby.

●      Baby Thermometer: Balanced For Both (40/60 Baby-to-Mommy Gift Ratio) 

Being a new mommy comes with all sorts of worry about your newborn’s health. Being able to take a baby’s temperature mainly gives moms peace of mind that they’re able to easily check in on the baby’s health.

The baby won’t get much joy out of getting his or her temperature taken, but you can be sure no one will be in high spirits when the baby gets a fever.

Selfless Baby Shower Gift Giving

If the “Baby-to-Mommy Gift Ratio” isn’t your cup of tea. Another way to approach your gift-giving conundrum is through a mindful exercise known as selfless gift-giving.

Too often, baby shower gifting turns into a competition. You know the new mom’s other friends will be there, and you worry their gifts will be better than yours. The problem here is, you’re focuses on how it will make you (the gift giver) look.

Selfless baby shower gift-giving means you reflect on the baby and mommy of the occasion. You avoid this trap of selfish gift-giving based on rivalry because instead, you’re focused on how it will make the gift receiver feel.

Want to give a baby shower gift the baby and mommy will really love? Take a moment to reflect on who they are, what they want, and what they need. Here are some tips get you started!

●      Does the mommy have a favorite hobby, interest, or passion? 

Demonstrating you understand the mommy’s favorite things surely makes for a gift she’ll love. But what about the baby? For lgrown-up hobbies, baby- and toddler-sized toy versions of the very same thing are available. Does she love cooking? Get the baby a pretend kitchen playset? Does she love rock climbing? What about an indoor wood climbing toy. With a gift like that, baby and mommy can share countless meaningful moments. 

●      How can your gift make mothering easier? 

Motherhood is full of challenges, and a gift that’ll help the mom help her baby will certainly put to good use. What kind of gift could help a baby stop crying, eat healthy, sleep, laugh, or learn? These kinds of gifts make life more comfortable and better for both baby and mother.

●      What fears and aspirations does this particular mommy have? 

Each mommy has a unique dream for the kind of life their baby will live. While wondering about our baby’s future, we tend to replay the same positive fantasies and negative anxieties. If the mom-to-be has ever talked to you personally about these kinds of feelings, she’ll be sure to cherish a gift that helps set the baby on the right path.


Experienced moms who know the ropes will have a much easier time coming up with a perfect baby shower gift idea. 

Especially if it’s your first time being invited to a baby shower and you don’t have children yourself, picking out the perfect gift feel like a lot of pressure. By taking a step back to consider both the baby and the mommy, you’ll settle upon a wonderful gift for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. 

Remember the best baby shower gifts come from a selfless place in your heart. Remove your self-ego and try to focus on the unique relationship the mommy has with the baby.

If you follow a mindful line of thinking and emphasize the love, joy, and beauty that can be provided for the mommy and her baby, I’m sure you’ll come up with the perfect gift idea.

Cheers! To a magical baby shower gift-opening moment and a lifetime of maternal love!

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