Female Led Relationship: What It Means And How Does It Works!


You may have heard the word “female lead relationship or FLR” in your life. Do you know what exactly it means? Are they just bonds where the woman wears the pants in the family, or is there any more to it? Check out for the complete details about ‘ Female Led Relationships.
As the name suggests, a female-led relationship meant that a woman takes the lead role as the dominant partner. Here she makes all the important decisions and has more rights than the man.

If you think that you are in a female-led relationship, this article will assist you with understanding the best way to convey and work with your partner towards your shared goal. Therefore, you can create life long happiness and love you have for each other.

What Is A Female Led Relationship?

It’s a unique type of relationship, that doesn’t follow the traditional male-led relationship. In these women-led relationships, the woman will be the decision-maker.

If a man trusts her quite and he could feel a loving relationship in which he won’t have to be held for anything. You may surprise how men are so comfortable with living a submissive male. Also, in a female-led relationship, there are no constant arguments to prove that one person is more powerful than the other.

Typically, female-led relationships are categorized into four divisions. The category is based on the level of behavior of women. Let’s have a looks at those levels.

1.Low-level Female Control

This is the first level in the women-led relationship and it is the most relaxed level. In this level, the female makes all the majority decisions and has very low control over the man in life. Sometimes she depends on him to make a decision.

2.Medium- Level Female Control

At this level, the female can enjoy being a leader for the family. And she has a sense of ruling her man. This type of relationship improves the confidence level of her and makes the relationships more positive. Sometimes man also enjoys women dominant attitude. In this level, women set a boundary about her limitations, that how far she can go for making decisions.

3.Defined Female Control

In this level of female-led relationship or FLR, the women make most of the decisions in the family. And she takes on the male roles too in the relationship.

4.Extreme Female Control

Here include the great restrictions of women and the enslavement of men. In this relationship, the women have the ultimate power in the family.

What Is Good in Female Led Relationships?

For some couples, they like this type of relationship even though it goes against the traditional values. Women who like to lead are usually happier with the women-led relationship because here they have the freedom to enjoy life.

While there are some drawbacks, there are some positive aspects to this relationship.

  • In a women-led relationship, they will frequently communicate with their partner.
  • If a man feels pressured to lead a life there a strong woman can help him out.
  • Sometimes women make strong good decisions than men.
  • It improves confidence in women, and she willing to give support to her partner.
  • Increases attention from both partners.
  • Men can freely express their emotions without fear of judgment.
  • Partners feel safe in their relationships and express their personalities without any fear.

What is Bad in Female Led Relationships?

This type of relationship happiness will work for some couples, but for others? Whenever a person has taken too much power in a relationship where the other one will be in struggle. The bad side in a female-led relationship;

  • A woman who is with too dominant character might walk over a man. There will a chance for abuse
  • The traditional women’s character will not be matched for men and its not good at multitasking.
  • This relationship mostly resembles mother/child relations rather than a healthy matured partnership.
  • The pressures over women can be stressful.
  • The society will speak negatively about the relationship.
  • The higher levels of female lead roles could lose personal identity.

How To Create A Balance In Life?

The plus point is, the women who are in a female-led role can do lots to keep the much-needed balance. The easiest thing can do in this relation is, encourage your man to take more initiatives. Involve him to do activities and ask his opinion always. Another important one for women is, you should always respect your partner. Mutual respect can improve the quality of their relationships. Talk with your partner and support him to make decisions.

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