Can A Girl Get Pregnant On Period?


It is an age-old question that can a girl get pregnant on period? And here is the definitive answer for this. A woman menstrual cycle is a hormonal change of her body’s way of preparing for a possible pregnancy in every month. The pregnancy will happen just before and during the ovulation process in women body.   So, understanding how the process is important since this information can help you get pregnant. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or looking for keep away from pregnancy while doing sex.

If the girl having sex unprotected at any time is risky and a woman can even get pregnant if she has sex during periods. You may confuse that how is it possible? As per studies, the sperm can serve to fertilize an egg for 72 hours (means three days) after the ejaculation. Thus, do you think an unprotected sex on period is safe? Also, we have to consider the female body ovulation cycle.

What Is Periods or Menstrual Cycle? 

It is defined as the blood loss at the end of the ovulation cycle, as the result of an egg is not fertilized by a sperm. Every month during the cycle a girl or woman releases an egg approximately 14th day. The hormonal changes occur in her body. So girls having sex during this period then the chances of getting pregnant are more than the other days. If the fertilization does not take place then, after 14 days lining of the uterus sloughed off. The cycle will continue this is called your period.

Well, these all depend on the woman menstrual cycle,

If You,

  1. Are with a regular period cycle
  2. Your period it lasts for up to 5-7 days.
  3. You ovulate at around 10-13 day of your ovulation period.
  4. Your period time is short.

If you are trying to get pregnant or not get pregnant tracking your menstrual cycle is important. Through that, you can find out the fertile days of your cycle. Once the woman’s ovary releases the egg it can serve for only 12- 24 hours but the male sperm lives for about 3 days. So easily you can find out can a woman get pregnant on her period, or not.

Know about your menstrual cycle : Ovulation Process.

You probably already aware a lot about your menstrual cycle (period), like how regularly get your periods and how substantial they are.  The first day of your period is calculated as the day-1 of your menstrual cycle. For every woman, the cycle length will be different, but normally the period lasts for 3 to 5 days. In this time the hormones will clear the womb walls and actively shed the lining of the previous menstrual cycle. On the 5th day, the FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone) will stimulates the follicles in your ovaries. And the egg development will start with the help of estrogen hormone. 

If you are with a regular period cycle then your body will ovulate in between 14th- 17th day. Once the egg has been released it can serve for up to 24-28 hours. Otherwise if you are doing unprotected sex on these days the chances of getting pregnant is more than the other days.

Once the ovulation process finished your body will be ready for the next period. In case that the fertilization process will not take place then the empty follicle will shrink. The hormone levels will decrease and your body needs to reset and ready for the next cycle. For some woman, the premenstrual tension symptoms will start from the 28th day of the previous menstrual cycle.

Can A Girl Get Pregnant On Period?

Commonly a woman have an ovulation period is between 28 and 30 days, for some others, it will be late or early. As mentioned above if you are doing unprotected sex on your first three days of your period will be reducing the chances of getting pregnant. Because, at this time the ovulation process not yet started on your body. But after the 5th day if you are having unprotected sex we can’t avoid the chance of getting pregnant because the sperm can live in your body around 3 days. The egg can release in between these days then definitely fertilization process will take place and the chances are more to get pregnant.

Hope you have find the answer for can a girl get pregnant on period. Please comment below your opinions.